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The Best Way to Stand Out As a Health Coach And Be Irresistible To Your Future Clients

Stand Out As a Health Coach

Want a surefire way to stand out from other health coaches AND be irresistible to your future clients?  Then you need to know your health coaching superpower!

Your superpower shows your future clients why they’ll get the results they want if they work with you … even if other things they tried have failed.  So your superpower is what makes you unique.

Your health coaching superpower is directly tied to your brand.  In fact, it’s the heartbeat of your brand.  Without it, you really don’t have a brand at all.

Health coach superpowers come in different forms.  Here I’m going to tell you about 3 of the best types of superpowers that will help you stand out and attract more clients.

But first, I want to tell you something I’ve learned working with over 300 health coaches and practitioners.

At first, many of them don’t believe they have a superpower.  That’s because superpowers are often hidden.  But I haven’t met a single coach yet who doesn’t have one.  They just needed a little help to discover it!

The Secret Behind Your Superpower

The reason why your superpower is so … well, powerful … is because it makes people want to work with you.  It does this by creating a shift in perspective.  It actually helps your clients see the problem they have, or the solution, in a new way.

This new way gives people new hope.  It helps them to see why they haven’t achieved results with the other things they’ve tried.  And that with your guidance, and your superpower, they will.

So now let’s get to 3 of the most powerful types of health coach superpowers.

The Hidden Problem Superpower 

One of the marketing mistakes I see a lot is that health coaches try to sell a solution.  But their prospective clients don’t connect the solution to the problem they think they have.

That’s because the real problem is hidden.  What the person thinks is the problem is, in fact, just a symptom.

Let’s look at an example.

One of my clients, Janel, helps people who struggle with brain fog and memory loss.  Her clients have a hard time concentrating and keeping up with conversations.

Before they see Janel for help, many of her clients have tried lots of different “solutions.” They may have changed their diet, taken supplements, or maybe tried getting more sleep or exercise.  They’re frustrated because they’re not getting the results they hoped for.

Janel knows there’s something else at play here.  What her clients think the problem is, is actually a sign of an underlying problem they aren’t aware of.  Not only that, but the underlying problem is also both common and surprising.  And when Janel tells them what it is, they have an “ah-ha!” moment.  They suddenly see the problem in a new light.

Janel’s superpower is that she knows the REAL reason her clients have brain fog and memory problems.  So, she approaches the problem from a different and unexpected angle.  And her clients get fantastic results!

Nancy is another health coach who took this approach.  She helps new moms get their pre-pregnancy body back.  Her clients really struggle to lose weight, even if they follow a strict diet and exercise program.

After working with many women, Nancy was able to pinpoint one of the underlying problems.  She saw that the women who got the best results had ways of managing their stress.

If you’re managing your stress, you’ll have lower levels of cortisol.  So, it just made sense that women who had high levels of cortisol would struggle losing weight and keeping it off.

So, Nancy developed a way to help her clients reduce their cortisol levels, and they started seeing better results! Is your superpower hidden behind the problem you solve?  It could be if the problem people want help with is actually a symptom of another problem they aren’t aware of.

The Unspoken Superpower

One of the classic examples of the Unspoken Superpower comes from an ad campaign for Schlitz beer.  And even though it happened almost 100 years ago, the principle still applies today.

Schlitz hired a copywriter named Claude Hopkins to create a new ad campaign. Like any good copywriter, Hopkins spent a lot of time researching the product.  He toured the brewery and learned every step in the making and bottling of Schlitz beer.  And it turns out it’s a very involved process.

  • First, the beer gets filtered through wood pulp …
  • Then it’s dripped over special pipes in a room filled with purified air …
  • The machinery …  every pump and pipe … is cleaned twice a day.  And every bottle is sanitized 4 times before it’s filled with beer … and much, much more.

Hopkins was so amazed by the process that he wanted to feature it in his ad campaign.  But Mr. Bigwig at Schlitz thought it was a bad idea.

Bigwig told Hopkins that the process wasn’t anything special.  “That’s what every beer company does,” he said.

Hopkins told Bigwig that beer drinkers wouldn’t know the process was the industry standard. If Schlitz was the first to talk about it in a campaign, it would seem like it was unique to them (even if it wasn’t).

“Hopkins, that’s brilliant!” said Bigwig.  He signed off on the campaign and …

It put Schlitz beer on the map.

In just a few months, Schlitz jumped from being the #5 beer to equaling the #1 beer in sales.

Now you may think that could work for beer … but you may be skeptical about it being good for a health coach.  I can tell you, I’ve seen it work extremely well.  I use the Unspoken Superpower all the time when I write copy for supplements and when I work with health coaches.

For example, I would have thought that at this point, everyone knows cardio alone isn’t the best way to lose weight.  But my client Sarah said that’s not the case.

Sarah said the women who come to see her are at their wits’ end because they already do 3-4 hours of cardio a week … but they can’t get the scale to budge below a certain point!  So Sarah helps them to spend less time exercising and finally lose those last stubborn pounds.

The trick to the Unspoken Superpower is that you have to be tuned in to what your ideal client thinks.  Think about the commonly held beliefs they have that get in the way of the results they want.

That’s why one of the things you need to know is where your ideal client is on their journey.

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The Revolutionary Superpower

As the name implies, a Revolutionary Superpower is one that can somehow revolutionize a person’s health.  It could be a unique methodology that reveals the REAL source of a person’s problem.  Or it could be something that gives a person access to a hidden “superpower” of their own!

Let me tell you about one of my clients, Fred.  He has a remarkable story … and a remarkable superpower!

For years, Fred suffered from all kinds of health problems.  As he put it, “So many things were breaking down.”

He had problems with his liver and pancreas … he couldn’t control his blood sugar … and one of his knees was so damaged he couldn’t walk or even sit without painful swelling.  And that was before he turned 30!

Fred is now in his 60s.  And he feels better than ever … even better than he did in his teens!  How is this possible?

Well, Fred discovered a way to listen to his body.  His body told him exactly what to eat to heal from his multiple conditions … including how to rebuild his knee.  And now, this methodology tells Fred exactly what nutrients he needs at any given time to stay healthy.

Fred combines this superpower with his Master’s in Herbal Studies.  So he knows which herbs and nutrients people need in order to rebuild every system in their bodies.

Pretty cool, eh?

The First Step to Finding Your Superpower as a Health Coach

So hopefully, you see the value of finding your superpower.  And here’s one more reason to consider …

One of the things I notice about coaches who find their superpower is that they start to evolve and develop as a health coach.  This helps them to get even better results for their clients.  And they start to build their authority in their area of expertise.

Unfortunately, there are no superpower “secret formulas” or fill-in-the-blank templates to follow.  And as powerful as they are, superpowers are often quite “shy.”  So don’t expect yours to jump out in front of you and yell, “Here I am!”

But I can tell you this.  The first step in finding your superpower is knowing your ideal client.  You need to be clear on where they are on their health journey … what things they’ve already tried … and why those things haven’t worked. Once you’re clear about who your ideal client is, it will make it much easier to discover your superpower.

Be patient.  Discovering your superpower is a process.  But it’s well worth it!

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