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3 Secrets For Health Coaches Who Want To Write An “About” Page That Gets Them More Clients

how can i attract more health coaching clients

If you want your website to turn visitors into paying health coaching clients, then you need to know these 3 About page secrets. Because the problem many people make is they think the About page should include things like their bio, their credentials, their “story,” or their mission. 

But that’s not really what people want to know. So About pages that focus on those things waste one of the most valuable pages on your site. 

The About page is the most visited page after the homepage, so you have to make it count. And you will, once you know these 3 secrets.

Secret #1:  Your About Page Is Not About You

It’s true that your site visitors are there to find out more about you. But the most important thing you need to know about your site is that it’s not about you. Everything on your website needs to be about your future clients. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your background, your story, and so on. But you need to be very intentional about how you do it. The things you say on your About page need to move your site visitors closer to working with you. And there’s a trick to doing right. 

With that in mind, let’s get to the next secret …

Secret #2:  Solve a Mystery

If a person wants to work with a health coach, chances are they’re stuck. They have some kind of health problem or goal and haven’t been able to get results on their own. 

Maybe they don’t know where to start … maybe they blame themselves for not getting results … or maybe they’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t worked.

Whatever the case may be, to them it’s a mystery. And not the kind people like!

But you have the opportunity to turn it into an intriguing page-turner. This is where your health coaching superpower comes in. 

Your health coaching superpower shows your future clients why they’ll get the results they want if they work with you … and it can help them to understand why they haven’t gotten results in the past. It helps people see something they’ve been missing. This will shift their thinking. 

In other words … it solves a mystery!

More importantly, it gives them hope. Nothing is more powerful than hope. In a moment, I’ll give you some ideas on how to do this. But first, let’s get to the last secret …

Secret #3:  Give Them Magic!

You can tell people you can help them … but it’s much more powerful if you can show them. There are 2 ways you can do this.

First, your About page should show them the path that will give them the transformation they desire. You do this with your Signature System. 

Your Signature System explains how they’ll get results in several easy steps. Please don’t think of your Signature System as a course, program, or service. It’s not. Instead, it’s a marketing message that positions your course, program, or service.

If you’d like to know more about how to create your Signature System, download this free resource. It covers the 3 essentials every health coach needs to build a successful practice … including how to create your Signature System.

The second way to give them magic is to include testimonials on your About page. There’s nothing more powerful than hearing about great results from other people! That’s one of the best ways to get a prospect excited about working with you. 

So those are the 3 secrets to writing the perfect About page! Now let’s get more specific. Here is an outline you can follow to build your About page.

The Perfect Health Coach About Page Outline

  1. Start by showing you understand where your ideal client is coming from. Maybe you’ve had the same problem yourself. Or maybe someone close to you has. Or perhaps you’ve coached people with the same problem.

    Whatever it is, you want to start your About page by creating a connection with the reader that shows them you understand what they’re going through.
  2. Introduce your superpower. One of the best ways to do this is to talk about some kind of discovery you made. It could be why people have the problem, or why the common advice about how to fix it is wrong.

    Now just to be clear, you shouldn’t say, “My superpower is X.” That’s telling them. That doesn’t work.

    Instead, you want to show them. You could say, “One thing I discovered that keeps people from getting results is X.” Then you talk about it a bit.
  3. Talk about how you used your discovery to come up with a system … one that gets people the results they want. This is your Signature System. You should show it and explain it on your About page.
  4. End the page with an invitation to explore ways you can help them get the results. This could link to your Work With Me page or to your calendar to book a call.

Lastly, don’t forget to include client testimonials! 

As you can see, this approach is about how you’ll get them results. It tells your story, but in a way that’s all about your site visitor!

Now go take a look at your about page and see if it covers all the points on this outline. Make sure you fill in any missing gaps. If you want another set of eyes on it, here are some ways I can support you


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