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The #1 Thing You Must Do Before Creating a Health Coaching Business Logo

Your logo is not your brand

Why a Health Coaching Business Logo Should Come Last

There’s nothing like a logo to help build brand recognition!  Apple, McDonald’s, Amazon … you see their logo and you immediately know the company.

So if you’re trying to build your health coaching business, you should invest in a logo, right? 

Not so fast.  

I see many health and wellness coaches make the same mistake. They invest time and money in creating a logo … maybe even brand colors, fonts, and a gorgeous website … the moment they want to hang out their shingle and start working with clients. 

They think these things are important because they help them look “professional.”  But here’s the honest truth.

None of them will do anything to help a health coach build their business.  In fact, they’ll take your attention (and resources) away from what really matters if you want to get more clients.

If getting more clients is your goal, the first thing you must do is focus on defining your brand principles.  This is very different from how your brand “looks” (which includes your logo and the other visual elements I mentioned above).

There are several factors that make up your brand principles.  Here we’re going to look at the 2 most important ones.

In fact, these things are essential if you want to attract clients and build a profitable health coaching business. 

First, Understand Your Most Valuable Client

Your most valuable client is the person who both needs and wants your help.  They have a problem that affects their quality of life, and they want it to go away.

Why is knowing your most valuable client so important?  Because the most successful marketing strategies are based on biology.  

That’s right, biology.  Let me explain.

Our brains are wired to solve problems. If you go back far enough, the problems were all about survival – staying safe, finding food, and making babies. 

Of course today, we have a whole bunch of other types of problems to deal with.

While we go about our daily lives, our brain is hard at work problem solving. It’s looking for solutions to the problems that are preoccupying our subconscious. 

The problem is we’re bombarded with 6,000 to 10,000 messages every dayIt’s impossible to process all of them. So our brain is designed to filter out most of the information our eyes and ears take in. Instead, it focuses on any messages that are related to one of our problems. When it sees one, it pays attention.

So the key to successful marketing is to create messaging that makes it through your prospect’s filter. That’s why the most effective marketing focuses on helping people solve a specific problem – a.k.a. your most valuable client. 

Once you know what problem your most valuable client is thinking about, you can create powerful marketing messages that get through their brain’s filter.

Before You Design a Health Coaching Business Logo, You Need to Know Your Brand Value 

​​Your logo doesn’t make you unique and different … your brand value does. That may sound obvious, yet many health coaches spent very little time defining their brand value.

And brand value is the key to building a successful health coaching business. 

Your brand value does 2 important things.  First, it shows your most valuable client that you have shared beliefs. It shows them that the things that are important to them are important to you, too.  That immediately makes them feel like you were made for each other!

Second, if you’ve done the right kind of thinking about your brand value, it shows your most valuable client why they’ll get results with you. This is your magic. That’s why I call it your “Pixie Dust”.

The fact is, brand value is the piece that’s missing for most health professionals … or they’ve been misguided about what it is. But it’s essential if you want to build a profitable health coaching business. Your brand … your values, beliefs, and your Pixie Dust … help set you apart. And they help break through any skepticism a person may have about working with you.

Now let’s circle back to the 3 logos I mentioned at the start of this article – Apple, McDonalds, and Amazon … all 3 of them are very clear about who they serve (their most valuable client) and their brand value (what they stand for and what makes them different).  Without those two things in place, the logo is nothing more than a meaningless ornament. 

That’s why before you invest in a health coach logo, you need to get clear on those two brand principles, first.


If you’d like some help in defining your most valuable client and your brand value, I created a free resource that will help you. It’s called The Essential Marketing Roadmap For Health & Wellness Professionals.  Inside you’ll discover the 5-steps that will help you turn your skills and expertise into a profitable online health coaching business.

Download it here or contact me directly to have a chat about your brand value.


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